Open Board Seats

When boards find themselves with an open seat, GVSU works with the other members to fill the spot with a person of high integrity, good judgment, and, ultimately, a passion for improving kids' lives.

Thinking about becoming a board member for a GVSU-chartered school? Fantastic! Below are the current openings that you could fill.


There are 21 open seats across 28 Detroit-area school boards.

Grand Rapids

There are 11 open seats across 9 Grand Rapids-area school boards.


There are 7 open seats across 9 mid-Michigan school boards.


There are 4 open seats across 7 lake shore school boards (West Michigan/Traverse City areas).

Battle Creek/Kalamazoo

There is 1 open seat across 7 Battle Creek/Kalamazoo school boards.

To learn more about an open board seat in a GVSU-chartered school, please contact Don Cooper at (616) 331-6944 or