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GVSU CSO partners with Eidex

January 31, 2018

GVSU CSO partners with Eidex

The Grand Valley State University Charter Schools Office is excited to announce a new partnership with Eidex, a company dedicated to building K-12 student success through data analytics that are presented through clear and concise web-based reports.

The services that Eidex offers are designed with educators in mind. GVSU’s partnership with Eidex will now give superintendents and principals at our charter schools the benefit of gathering many of their data insights from a single source. School leaders will no longer need to worry about retrieving data from multiple sources and finding a way to piece it all together.

Eidex software pulls information from state and district-level databases and visualizes it so administrators can review school-wide and individual student trends all at once. Here are some of the key benefits Eidex users experience when they engage with the software:

•    Tell the District’s Story – Community, School Board, Staff and Stakeholders
•    Benchmark vs. Peers – Put Data in Meaningful Context
•    Use Data to Support Decision-making Process – for Sound Public Position
•    Frame Position for Contract Negotiations
•    Discover Opportunities for Savings and Improved Student Performance
•    Perform Budget Analysis – Identify Key Trends
•    Conduct Strategic Planning 
•    Illustrate Data with Powerful Visuals to Support Key Initiatives 

This partnership also allows GVSU-chartered schools to better align with their appropriate peers. Eidex currently works with more than 500 Michigan school districts and local education agencies, including approximately 200 charter school districts. According to Chris Stephens, Eidex’s head of client services for Michigan, more than 70% of students in our state are already benefiting from Eidex’s work.

Moving forward, the GVSU Charter Schools Office will work with Eidex to upload all relevant academic and financial data associated with each of its charter schools into the software. Stephens and his team will then host a number of training sessions around the state to help leaders from our schools learn how to read and use the school reports. The trainings are approximately two hours long and will take place from February 12, 2018, to March 2, 2018

To learn more about Eidex, please visit their website. Please contact GVSU CSO Data Analyst Ram Ravikumar ( with any questions.

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