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Introducing Wings for Kids

July 08, 2020

Introducing Wings for Kids

Schools in southeast Michigan now have the chance to partner with a new organization for social emotional support for students

Wings for Kids is a nonprofit social and emotional learning program that teaches kids how to make good decisions, build relationships and manage their emotions. For 24 years, Wings for Kids has been concretely teaching and embedding SEL with at-risk children who are in elementary school, and have proven results to show that their approach and curriculum produces a positive impact.

For the past five years, Wings for Kids has been growing partnerships with schools and youth programs around the country to provide training and resources on their approach. This fall, Wings for Kids will have (locally sourced) funding to support partnership opportunities with 10 charter schools in Detroit. 

To learn more, school leaders can read about the Wings for Kids educational partnership opportunities. Schools that interested in hosting a "partnership intro" should email Julia Rugg to schedule a date and time that works best for the team.

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