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June 2022 Board of Trustees update

June 25, 2022

June 2022 Board of Trustees update

On June 24, 2022, the GVSU Board of Trustees acted on a handful of items related to GVSU-authorized charter public schools.

First, the board approved the authorization of two schools, both located in Grand Rapids. One school is Gerald Dawkins Academy, a K-5 school that will primarily serve families living in the neighborhoods of southeast Grand Rapids. The other is West Michigan Aviation Academy, an established, high-performing high school located at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Both schools received a 7-year term for authorization.

The Board then approved a name change and site addition for Covenant House Academy Spectrum Campus, located in Detroit.

Finally, the Board approved the appointments and reappointments of 24 total charter school board members. The GVSU Charter Schools Office is thankful for the 6 board members who renewed their service to their community school, and is excited to welcome the following 18 individuals as new board members for GVSU-authorized charter schools:

  • Sara Bast -- Black River Public School
  • Bhavin Patel -- Canton Preparatory High School
  • Lakeshia Gilbert -- Covenant House Academy Grand Rapids
  • Sandra Ghoston-Jones -- Grand River Preparatory High School
  • Andrea Smith -- Gerald Dawkins Academy
  • Brian Cloyd -- Gerald Dawkins Academy
  • Jerry Bishop -- Gerald Dawkins Academy
  • Eva Aguirre Cooper -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Tandy Champion -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Richard DeVos -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Rick Fiddler -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Robin Horder-Koop -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • George Kiefer -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Brian Lennon -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Clifford Maine -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Kathleen Maine -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Timothy Platz -- West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Macio Baston -- Westfield Charter Academy

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Page last modified June 25, 2022