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Dr. Kimball introduces new CSO newsletter

January 08, 2019

Dr. Kimball introduces new CSO newsletter

Dear readers,

The Grand Valley State University Charter Schools Office develops tools that enhance community, innovation, and inquiry, among other university values. Doing so fosters a collective understanding of high-quality teaching and learning that ultimately prioritizes student development.

With that framework in mind, I’m pleased to unveil the GVSU CSO’s revamped newsletter. The updated newsletter will be a blend of items that better contribute to personal, professional, and communal enrichment.

You’ll start to see new sections and stories dedicated to innovative education research and trends. You’ll also receive news on decisions made in Lansing, and what those outcomes will mean for your school and community. We’re also excited to welcome a variety of guest authors to our newsletter. They will provide unique, professional perspectives on what is happening in education.

You will continue to see updates related to professional education opportunities and student programming. The CSO found that these topics were, and remain, of great interest to you. The newsletter will also continue to touch upon new partnerships we’ve developed, key events, and the great stories that stem from GVSU-chartered schools.

The CSO appreciates your readership, and we are even more thankful for your dedication to helping children succeed. We are committed to supporting your work with valuable resources that keep you informed and inspired.

With best wishes,

Robert T. Kimball, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President for Charter Schools

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