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Charter Alumni Spotlight: Shauntia Young

November 01, 2021

Charter Alumni Spotlight: Shauntia Young

Each month, the GVSU Charter Schools Office spotlights a current GVSU student who graduated from a GVSU-authorized charter public school.

This month, we are pleased to introduce to you Shauntia Young. Shauntia is a junior at GVSU and is majoring in hospitality and tourism with a minor in business.  She is also in the Frederik Meijer Honors College. Before coming to Grand Valley, Shauntia graduated from University Preparatory Academy High School in Detroit.

Outside of her school work, Shauntia is currently part of Circle K which is a community service-based organization that is on campus that has the goal of developing college and university students into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to serving the children of the world.

Shauntia was able to take some time out of her day to share her experiences from University Preparatory Academy High School and here at Grand Valley State University.

Tell us about your time at UPA High School. What did you like about UPA High School?

During my time in high school, I was in the honors program then I evolved into taking AP classes. I liked to be known as someone who is on top of their game, so I stayed on top of my work. High school felt so long at the time. However, my time there was for sure memorable.

What advice would you give to current students at UPA High School who are preparing for life after high school?

The advice that I have would be, if you don’t plan on college, have an idea of what you want to do going forward to progress. If you do plan to go to college, don’t be stuck in one mindset of one major, because you may change. I’d also tell them to have fun, make friends, join clubs, and take 15 credits each semester to help graduate on time.

When did you first learn about GVSU? What did you like about the university?

Considering that my high school was chartered by GVSU I learned a little bit about it just from hearing about it frequently. V’Lecea Hunter came here to speak and I became intrigued.  When it came to visiting the campus, I was amazed at how pretty campus is during the fall. The class sizes being small was ideal and I liked that. They also offered great financial aid.

What have you enjoyed so far at GVSU?

 I truly like the honors program. There are many small events to help me get to know people. I enjoy the activities that they have because there is always something new and creative to do.

If you could choose one thing to be the most beneficial tool that you have received since attending Grand Valley, what would it be?

The most beneficial tool would be the support system. Ms V. really helped me during my most challenging moments. She got me the help I needed and pushed me to get through. I also appreciate how nice and understanding the professors are when it came to my situations.

What type of goals do you have for yourself once you graduate?

The goals that I have for after graduating are getting a job at company or maybe a hotel.  I would also really like the chance to travel. After years of gaining experience, I would like to open my own business because I don’t want to work for someone forever, I want to be my own boss.

What is something you’ve accomplished that you are really proud of, whether it occurred at UPA High School or GVSU?

The thing that I have accomplished is the fact that I am still here and doing well. I am proud of how I have been doing through this pandemic and my past summer classes.  

What is one piece of advice that you have received from a GVSU faculty/staff/ or mentor that will forever stick with you?

The piece of advice is from one of professors for my hospitality class. She mentioned that no matter what job or field, or how much money you make, you shouldn't plan your life around your job. Plan your job around the life that you want.

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