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CSO School Consultant Joins Leadership Cohort

January 09, 2018

CSO School Consultant Joins Leadership Cohort

We are happy to announce that Maria Montoya was recently accepted into the Great Lakes Leadership Academy Leadership Advancement Program, a statewide fellowship opportunity developed by Michigan State University for leaders who are looking to make a long-term impact on Michigan. She will join leaders from a wide variety of sectors of expertise to collaboratively promote positive change and vitality for Michigan families.

"It's truly exciting to be selected for the next cohort of the Great Lakes Leadership Academy, as the aim of the GLLA fellowship is to strengthen how we can work together to create solutions that ensure our state is a leader in addressing common issues that impact all of our communities," said Montoya.

According to the GLLA website, the new cohort will meet 12 times over the next 18 months, spending a total of 40 days together in various locations across Michigan. While the cohort will work together to explore large issues, it will also be broken down into smaller regional teams that will assess specific needs for certain parts of the state. The regional teams will meet and work with government officials, NGO's, stakeholder groups, and business leaders to get an in-depth understanding of the region.

The opportunity to partner with others to find lasting solutions is something that excites Montoya.

"I love the idea that the GLLA isn't just another daylong workshop or quick-hit conference focusing on general leadership skills," she said. "The staff and cohort leaders are committed to digging deep into issues with participants, and invested in developing our skills so that we will be able to go back to own work and lead the same type of tough conversations in order to make the greatest level of impact for our communities.

"To me, such potential for impact and the benefits to the students and families GVSU served could be game changing for the K-12 education sector our Charter School Office works in across Michigan."

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