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CSO to pilot PTO support program

November 11, 2019

The GVSU Charter Schools Office is excited to pilot a PTO support program for GVSU-chartered schools in Metro Detroit. This first-of-its kind, authorizer-led engagement opportunity is crafted to help school communities amplify their voices on behalf of children.

The support is specifically designed for the GVSU CSO to directly assist parents/guardians who are looking for new ways to engage in their child’s education at the local and state level. Parents and guardians who explore this new opportunity will:

  • Learn how to start a PTO (if one does not exist at the school)
  • Learn how to attract more parents/guardians to your PTO
  • Learn a little about it means to be a charter school
  • Understand how to navigate education structures at the school and state level
  • Collaborate with other parent leaders on best PTO practices
  • Enhance their ability to advocate for their child and charter school

All support efforts are done in partnership with the school leadership team to ensure they do not overlap or interfere with any current PTO practices at the school.

If you are (or know) a current parent leader or a parent/guardian who may be interested in this partnership please contact Danielle North at or (313) 779-7359 to learn more about this opportunity

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