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Dr. Kimball introduces new research study

October 08, 2019

Dr. Kimball introduces new research study

The most active ingredient in improving schools is supporting our teachers. GVSU is constantly evolving our professional education programs that include hundreds of hours of learning opportunities for educators across the state. Our strategy of continuous evolution requires a lot of data.

EdLabs@GVSUCSO is our research initiative that facilitates research across the portfolio and develops and manages our data. EdLabs@GVSUCSO has answered many questions for us. For instance, we have asked what is the typical GVSU charter student’s home to school commute distance (answer: 2.4 miles); and, do our test scores influence changes in home values around our schools (answer: not really). This fall, we are connecting our passion for evolving our support for teachers and EdLabs@GVSUCSO in a new study to learn more about teachers’ pre-service experiences.

The study is being done in partnership with Basis Policy Research, a Michigan-based research organization. Basis will serve as an independent third party to design, administer, and analyze survey results. All GVSU charter teachers will receive an invitation from Basis on Tuesday, October 15, for a brief, voluntary survey.

The survey results will help us better understand our teachers’ pre-service work, student-teaching experience, and sense of preparedness upon entering the classroom. These insights assist us in better supporting our teachers, schools, and university partners.

Thank you for your participation in this effort. We look forward sharing our findings and continuing to adapt our professional education programs to meet your needs.

Rob Kimball, Ed.D. is the Associate Vice President for Charter Schools at Grand Valley State University.

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