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Partnering with MiDataHub

March 11, 2020

Partnering with MiDataHub

The Michigan Data Hub (MiDataHub) is a collaborative, statewide effort to address challenges in managing and using school data. The work of this initiative has centered around creating an ecosystem where information is exchanged between the large number of disconnected data systems used by schools in the state based on predefined standards such as the Ed-Fi ODS/API and IMS Global OneRoster. 

MiDataHub works with school districts to connect data systems and make the flow and use of educational data more efficient and effective. There is no cost to the district to use MiDataHub, and the district remains in complete control of how data is used. MiDataHub also allows for a streamlined flow of information between districts, ISDs, the State of Michigan and vendor data systems. The benefits of that connectivity are a significant cost/time savings in data management and that better information is available for use in the educational environment.  

MiDataHub  provides a number of value-added options that can be used once a district has their data connected. The MiDataHub dashboards can be automatically populated with instructional data from a Student Information System, allowing a district to access a free Early Warning System and Intervention Catalog. These components are currently embedded in the Michigan Department of Education Early Warning Intervention Monitoring System (EWIMS) Process to identify students at risk of dropping out. Integration with CEPI allows for UIC lookup functionality and will soon facilitate state reporting processes. 

Integration with MDE allows for the MiLearn system to provide state assessment data reports to parents, students and educators, as well as assessment data transfer that will provide for M-STEP data flow to a district’s database for use in other applications. Finally, the recently developed MiRead tool can leverage roster and student early literacy assessment data from MiDataHub to identify student reading needs. Educators can then craft an individualized reading improvement plan (IRIP) that meets the requirements of the 3rd Grade Reading Law.

If you would like to learn more about how your district can utilize this tool, please visit the MiDataHub webpage. You may also contact Tim Davis, the MISchoolData Redesign Coordinator/MiDataHub Relations Manager at

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