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Bringing GVSU to you

September 10, 2020

Bringing GVSU to you

Each year, the GVSU CSO typically brings thousands of students to GVSU's campus to learn what it's like to be a college student and the steps they can take to get there. Whether through campus visits, art collaborations, or personal skill-building sessions, our programs give them a deeper connection to the university. They also create a college-bound culture that helps every student envision themselves in college, putting them in a position where they can succeed through their K-12 journey and into higher education.

Our commitment to connecting students to the great things GVSU offers is even stronger now as we navigate the unexpected hurdles COVID-19 has created.

We're continuously reshaping our student programs to give students the same types of opportunities from afar. During the summer, for example, our annual College Prep Week was held virtually. This gave dozens of high school students the space to collaborate with GVSU students and staff from their homes while participating in mock classes and professional skill building seminars.

As we continue to take appropriate safety precautions against COVID-19, the GVSU CSO is transforming its student programs to be digitally available to schools so students can still get an interactive college preparation experience. Here's where our fall programming currently stands:

Campus Visits & College Application Support

For the fall semester (Sept. - Dec.), the GVSU CSO will be doing virtual presentations for high school seniors only. The presentations will include a virtual campus visit led by the Admissions department. There will also be a possibility for schools to schedule a day with the Admissions staff to receive assistance on filling out college applications. To participate in either of these opportunities, schools should contact Dr. Barry Hall, the Manager for Charter Through College Programs at the GVSU CSO.  

In the spring, the GVSU CSO will be holding virtual visit opportunities for both high school juniors and 8th-grade students. All presentations will be done on Wednesdays. Please reach out to Dr. Hall if you would like to sign up for a presentation, or if you have any questions about them.


Pathways Programs

At this time, the Pathways Program will not occur due to restriction in travel for GVSU faculty and staff. We are exploring ways to possibly recreate the presentation digitally.

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