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K-12 Connect offers free tutoring

September 09, 2020

K-12 Connect offers free tutoring

This fall, GVSU will roll out a new platform to virtually support K-12 students through free homework assistance tutoring sessions during the 2020-2021 school year. Students who register for tutoring can receive support in all the core subject areas as well as select special focus classes.

The platform is designed and managed by K-12 Connect, GVSU’s team dedicated specifically to finding more ways to provide university resources to Michigan families. The team consists of faculty and staff from the Charter Schools Office, College of Education, Regional Math and Science Center, and College of Liberal Arts and Studies (CLAS)

K-12 Connect plans to launch the platform at the end of September with tutoring sessions beginning on October 5. Support will be offered for topics like math, science, reading and English literature, social studies, and foreign language.

Once the platform is live, students and families from any school in Michigan can sign up for interactive tutoring sessions with a member of the GVSU community. Tutors may be current GVSU students, professors, alumni, or other volunteers. All tutors are vetted by K-12 Connect before they are approved to offer support.

Students can sign up for tutoring by visiting the K-12 Connect website (available after September 21) to find a tutor who can support them in their area.  Students will be able to see the subjects and grade levels that each tutor specializes in and can work directly with the tutor to tailor the focus of the instruction they will receive. To book a session, students will be redirected to either create an account or log into an account previously created.  Every K-12 student must also have a parental consent form on file.

All sessions take place through Zoom and follow a set procedure.  Students will be greeted by an intake specialist, asked a few introductory questions and then placed in a separate room with their tutor.  At the end of the first session, the student can work with the tutor to set up recurring sessions if needed. To start, tutors will be available Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Each session lasts an hour, but could be shorter if the tutoring is completed in a short amount of time. K-12 Connect says that there will be 200 tutoring session slots available each week when the platform is launched, and that more will be added as additional tutors become available.

This platform is an extension of the tutoring assistance K-12 Connect offered over the summer. More than 400 students utilized a GVSU tutor during the eight-week pilot.  If you have any questions about the K-12 Connect tutoring platform, please contact

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