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February Board of Trustees update

February 12, 2020

February Board of Trustees update

On February 7, 2020, the GVSU Board of Trustees voted to approve the authorization of Fostering Leadership Academy, a new charter school in Redford that is scheduled to open in September. The board also approved the re-authorization of three schools; Taylor Preparatory High School (seven years), Byron Center Charter School (five years), and Detroit Achievement Academy (five years).

The board also voted to approve the appointment or reappointment of charter school board members to GVSU-authorized public school academy boards.

The GVSU Charter Schools Office is excited to welcome the following individuals as new school board members:

  • Trevor Duke -- Detroit Achievement Academy
  • Kimberly Leverrette -- Eagle's Nest Academy
  • Renita Bingham -- Flint Cultural Center Academy
  • Erich Doeh -- Fostering Leadership Academy
  • Zackary Hugg -- Fostering Leadership Academy
  • Van Nguyen -- Fostering Leadership Academy
  • Daniel West -- Fostering Leadership Academy
  • Elizabeth Whittaker-Walker -- Fostering Leadership Academy
  • Lucas Schrauben -- Francis Street Primary School
  • Lamia Ghannam -- Knapp Charter Academy
  • Buket Aydas -- Michigan Mathematics and Science Academy
  • John Humphreys -- Saginaw Covenant Academy
  • Rebecca Lamper -- Vanderbilt Charter Academy
  • Maria Vargas -- Vanderbilt Charter Academy
  • Carla Wellborn -- Westfield Charter Academy

Additionally, there was a special moment near the start of the board meeting: President Philomena V. Mantella and six GVSU students - two of them being alumni of a GVSU-authorized charter school - discussed financial literacy and college affordability. Students were given the opportunity to talk about the design thinking workshop and Mantella's Reach Higher Together engagement campaign. The two efforts received praise from the students, who said more people were able to participate in sharing opinions on how to improve the GVSU experience.

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