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CSO supporting K-12 trips to Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

November 02, 2022

CSO supporting K-12 trips to Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

K-12 students and teachers in GVSU-authorized charter schools are invited to participate in unique social studies field trips and programming thanks to a new partnership with the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation.

The Foundation welcomes students of all grades to visit the Gerald R. Ford Museum for programs focused on key aspects of civics education. Students will also be able to learn about President Ford’s dedication to public service and connect that service to the events and challenges that formed the President’s life.

The educational programs involve students spending time both in the museum and library and then engaging in learning that draws out the lessons from what they observed. The curriculum is age-specific and taught by experienced teachers who are experts in the curriculum and the museum’s artifacts.

Additionally, students will explore what it means to be a good leader and a good citizen. They will leave their trip understanding how practicing mutual respect, cooperation, personal integrity, and hard work can help people navigate challenges for the benefit of the common good.

Visiting schools will have lunch provided, as well as opportunities for travel reimbursement from either the CSO or the Foundation.

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation is now taking reservations from teachers and schools to come to the Ford Museum and enjoy its unique learning opportunities. More information can be found at the Learning Center’s Program Overview page or by contacting Foundation Director Jeff Polet. Questions can also be directed to the GVSU CSO’s main office email.

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