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Prepare for March is Reading Month 2020

February 12, 2020

Prepare for March is Reading Month 2020

March is Reading Month is a great time for welcoming new guests to your school. With so many reading exercises being held throughout the month, it’s a fun way for more parents and volunteers to get involved, encourage students to read, and celebrate literacy.

It is also the perfect time for you to invite elected officials (mayors, state representatives, state senators, etc.) to visit your school. It is important for our state's elected officials to see the wonderful things you are doing to help kids grow. Inviting elected officials to come read to students or participate in Reading Month activities gives them a fun opportunity to further connect with the community they represent. They also get to see how much your students love their school.

To help you with your invitation, the GVSU CSO has created a template that you can quickly fill in with your school’s information. As you plan your March Is Reading Month activities, keep thinking of all the ways that your elected officials can be involved!

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Page last modified February 12, 2020