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Happy Presidents Day!

February 12, 2020

Happy Presidents Day!

Originally, Americans began celebrating Presidents Day as a commemoration of George Washington’s birthday on February 22. The tradition continued well into the 20th century until Congress passed the Monday Holiday Law. Our modern day “Presidents Day” is now celebrated on the third Monday of February – and actually never falls on the birthday of any United States President. To date, Washington’s Birthday is one of eleven permanent holidays established by Congress.  The day gives us an opportunity to reflect not only on our nation’s first president, but also on the values upon which the country was founded and the other great leaders that would follow in Washington’s footsteps.

We have a unique educational opportunity in West Michigan where students can be immersed in lessons of history, civics, and leadership. The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation offers guided tours and class sessions for learners of all ages. Our youngest learners Can tour the Museum with Liberty the White House dog and learn how to write postcards to their lawmakers. Our middle school students can practice public speaking and use their technology skills and teamwork to produce campaign videos. Visiting high school students can engage in a lesson on public deliberation and study the New York City financial crisis of the 1970s. 

Classes are aligned to social studies, language arts, and technology standards and are taught by experienced educators. President Ford always desired that the museum become a community classroom and wished to remove as many barriers as possible so that students of all ages may benefit from the learning opportunities here. Registered students and their teachers are admitted free of charge, as well as a limited number of chaperones. Funding for transportation is also available for classes enrolled in our programs.

To schedule, please visit: or contact Clare Shubert: or (616) 254-0409.

Clare Shubert is the Director of Engagement and Programming at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation.


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