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MiSTEM secures funds for K-12 computer science workshops

March 31, 2021

MiSTEM secures funds for K-12 computer science workshops

Members of the MiSTEM Network recently secured state funding to supply scholarships to teachers looking to further their knowledge in computer science instruction. The scholarships are going to educators who sign up for the 2021 CS Discoveries and CS Discoveries Workshop Series.

This is a nine-day workshop series where participants spend five consecutive days this summer with participants from all around the state and four days throughout the following school year. These high-quality workshops offer year-round support for educators as they implement courses that are aligned to the Michigan Computer Science Standards. All facilitators are certified facilitators, educators, and CS experts.

Summer Virtual/Asynchronous Blended Workshop
Participants will engage in a high quality virtual/asynchronous professional learning during the summer. Participants will have the opportunity to dive into the curriculum, deepen their CS content knowledge, and connect with other CS educators from around the state. 

  • Dates: there are two options for virtual summer workshops
    • July 19-23, 2021
    • August 2-6, 2021
  • What's Included: Educator Stipend, Materials, & Swag (materials mailed to participants) Educators will receive a $500 stipend for participation and completion of entire summer workshop series


Quarterly Implementation Workshop
Participants will engage in four workshops throughout the school year to support implementation of CS Discoveries & CS Principles. These workshops prepare educators for the upcoming curriculum in a timely fashion.

  • Dates: To be determined
  • What's Included: Educator Stipend & Materials, Educators will receive up to $400 stipend for participation in the quarterly academic year workshops


The workshop series is for educators who are willing to commit to the professional learning series and use the lesson materials in Fall 2021. No computer science experience is required to attend this learning series. Administration at the school district/organization will be part of the application process. Go to Application Page

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