In-School Training

What is in-school training?
The GVSU CSO offers a variety of in-school workshops and services focused on data-driven instruction, reading instruction, classroom management, English language learners, math instruction, and using technology in the classroom. 

How long is each session?
Customizable, the consultant will work with each school individually to create the best agenda for you and your staff.

How much does it cost?
FREE to all GVSU authorized charter schools, $500-$2,000 for all other schools depending on time commitment and materials.

How do I schedule a consultant?
If you are interested in having a consultant come in to your school, use the contact information listed under your desired section.

Assessment Data

Assessment Data

Data-Driven Classrooms
Lissa Brunan | Email:
Alissa Thelen | Email:

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP ©) is the assessment that the majority of GVSU’s charter schools utilize from the NWEA.

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Reading Instruction

Reading Initiatives

Wendy Miller | Email:
Jill Weber | Email:

In guided reading, the teacher provides support for small, flexible groups of beginning readers.

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Classroom Management

Crisis Prevention Training (CPI)

Bill Barker | Email:

Get practical skills for safely managing and preventing difficult behavior.

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Math Instruction

Math Instruction

David Coffey | Email: 

Need some additional math coaching for your classroom or your entire staff? Prof. Coffey has extensive experience teaching math. Set up a call with him to discuss how he may assist.

Other Topics

Other Topics

Erin Abel | Email: 

Interested in coaching on English language learners, technology use in the classroom, or something else not listed? Please contact Erin to see how we may help. 

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