College Navigators

2019-2020 Campus Navigators

When students from our charter schools visit campus we connect them with current GVSU students. These are our campus navigators, individuals who are excelling and reaping the benefits that college has to offer. They ensure all visitors receive a fun and comprehensive overview of what it is like to be a college student. Many of our navigators are alumni of GVSU charter schools!

Headshot of campus navigator Alexa




Hometown: Livonia, MI 

Major: Nursing

I love the campus visit program because I think it’s so important that high schoolers have the opportunity to explore their options. When you actually visit a college campus and can see yourself there, it motivates you to succeed and it encourages you to reach your full potential. I am excited to share my experience as I was undecided about my future just a few years ago until I actually visited a college campus. I love having the opportunity to share my love of GVSU and everything the college community has to offer! 

Carmen Campus Leader


City: Detroit, MI

Major: Integrative Studies Minor: Sociology 

I love the campus visit program because of its diverse environment and  the student engagement that fosters future success through significant resource. 

Cassidy Campus Leader


City: Midland, MI

Major: Clinical Exercise Science

I love the campus visit program because I love connecting with kids, and I'm proud to show them my home away from home!

Headshot of campus navigator Collin


Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Major: Biomedical Science w/ Pre-med Emphasis

I love the campus visit program because it provides students with an opportunity to experience college life, as well as, being able to inform students about the ins and outs of being in college.

Headshot of campus navigator Danielle


Hometown: Skokie, IL

Major: Nursing

I love the campus visit program because I love to show off Grand Valley's beautiful campus!


Headshot of campus navigator Faith


Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Multimedia Journalism and my minor is Hospitality Tourism Management

I love this campus visit program because I get to give students a tour which allows me to practice my minor. I also enjoy this program because I like to help people and it allows me to work with students individually. Essentially, I can teach students new information and by watching them interact they can teach me as well.

Headshot of campus navigator Genevieve


Hometown: Walled Lake, MI

Major: M.S. Criminal Justice

I love the campus visit program because it gives me an opportunity to provide mentor ship and guidance to first-generation college students, like myself!

Headshot of campus navigator Izzy


Hometown: Plymouth, MI

Major: Marketing

Why I love the campus visit program: Because it not only inspires interest in Grand Valley but it gets kids excited for college and further education in general.

Headshot of campus navigator Maggie


Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

I love the campus visit program because it gives the youth a chance to experience our beautiful college campus and it allows them to see one option for their future.


Headshot of campus navigator Matt


Hometown: Hart, MI

Major: Supply Chain Management

I love the campus visit program because I get the privilege of helping future students get a step ahead in preparing for their future education. After working with the charter school department I know I wish I had this resource before entering college. 

Headshot of campus navigator Quiona


Hometown: Flint, MI

Major: Allied Health Science (PA)

I love the campus visit program because I like educating students about my campus.

Headshot of campus navigator Shia’Ann


Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Majors: Criminal Justice & Women Gender Sexuality Studies.

I love campus visits because I get to show students what my campus has to offer.

Headshot of campus navigator Sophie


Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Major: English with minors in Applied Linguistics and Spanish

Why I love campus visit: I believe that everyone should be able to see what a life changing experience college can be and I hope to be a role model and future colleague of many of these students!