Learning Network 17-18

Building on your ‘16-‘17 work, your ‘17-‘18 GVSU Learning Network lead by Dr. Richard Lemons will provide training in instructional rounding. Inspired by medical rounds used by physicians, instructional rounds develop the practice of observing, discussing, and analyzing teaching and learning. The goal of instructional rounds is not feedback or evaluation; rather, our purpose is for observing faculty to compare their own instructional practices with those they observe.

Three of the five ‘17-‘18 GVSU LN sessions will be located at GVSU chartered schools and participants will conduct facilitated instructional rounds at host schools. The initial and final sessions will be network wide events held at the GVSU Pew Campus in Grand Rapids or the GVSU Detroit Center in downtown Detroit. Given the nature of instructional rounding, the previous “Learning Network Coach” role will not be used this year. 

Deadline to register for the Learning Network is June 30!

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