Board Application

The Charter School Board is the legal entity that governs the charter school. As such, its board members must be persons of high integrity, extensive experience, and good judgment.  Like traditional public schools, charter school boards are composed of Michigan citizens who volunteer their time and expertise.  However, unlike traditional public schools, charter school board members are appointed by the authorizer rather than elected by the public.

Quality governance is one of the foundations of high performing schools. Grand Valley State University appoints qualified board members and provides them with relevant resources and effective training.

To become a charter school board member, a candidate must:

  1. be nominated by a charter school board
  2. complete an application for board service 
  3. successfully pass a background check
  4. interview with a representative of the GVSU Charter School Office 
  5. be approved by the Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees
  6. take the public oath of office.

The links on this page provide resources for new board members, existing board members, and those contemplating board service.

Reference the links on this page for the information and forms necessary to nominate and approve a new board member.

Page last modified November 16, 2017