8th Grade Pathways

The GVSU CSO offers two programs for 8th grade students to better prepare them for their post-secondary pathway.

The first program is the STEAM Career Exploration. Here, students will learn about various health and science careers before participating in hands-on activities that compliment the career information they receive. They will also go home with a GVSU STEM kit that incorporates real-world concepts and encourages them to continue building their STEM skills at home.

The second option is the College Awareness Program. Students who participate in this opportunity will take a deep dive into college life. They will research various schools that they are interested in, learn key terms and phrases that are associated with higher education, and receive a clear set of tools to utilize as they transition into high school

To learn more about the programs, check out the 8th-Grade Pathways brochure or contact Barry Hall, the CSO's Manager of Charter through College Programs.

students in a science lab

Page last modified May 2, 2022