Preparing a Successful Sabbatical Application Workshop

The University Sabbatical Review Committee invites you for a virtual, two-hour workshop on preparing a successful sabbatical application. Please join us on May 18, from 10 am - Noon. The first hour of this workshop will include information about the sabbatical review process as well as tips for writing a successful proposal, with Q&A. During the second hour, participants will be able to get direct feedback from committee members that will move their sabbatical proposal writing forward. 
This interactive presentation will explore how to prepare a successful sabbatical application, including pre-planning, writing to address the University criteria, developing effective objectives, and creating a realistic work plan. Most importantly, participants will learn what makes a proposal strong or weak in the eyes of the reviewers. Registration is now open in Sprout.

In order to provide additional options, the May 18 workshop will be recorded and made available for sabbatical candidates as a prerequisite for Q & A sessions on June 7 and June 16.

Who Should Attend:

  • Faculty who will be submitting an application on September 1
  • Unit-heads in departments that will have faculty applying
  • Faculty members who are two or three years away from their sabbatical and plan on seeking a fellowship (Fulbright, Wilson, ACLS, DAAD, Peace Corps Response) or sponsorship as a Visiting Scholar at a National/International Lab or embedded position within an industry

 Participants Will Be Able To:

  • Hear directly from colleagues who review sabbatical applications
  • Pitch your sabbatical ideas to committee members to get immediate feedback
  • Request pre-reads and feedback from committee members prior to the September 1st deadline. *Note: the deadline for pre-read requests is July 15, 2022*
  • Understand the potential compliance concerns (IRB, Animal, Export Controls, Intellectual Property) associated with many sabbatical applications

When and Where:
Session 1:  May 18, 10 am – Noon (via Zoom, info + Q&A)
Session 2:  June 7, 1 - 2 pm (via Zoom, Q&A)
Session 3:  June 16, 1 - 2 pm (via Zoom, Q&A)

Note: The May 18 session is fully synchronous. June sessions will have pre-recorded information videos and synchronous sessions for Q&A. Be sure to register in Sprout so we can send you the video with the pre-recorded information to view in advance.


Hoping to see you there!

If you have questions please contact Robert Smart ([email protected])

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Page last modified May 5, 2022