Distinguished Early Career Scholar Awardees

Distinguished Early Career Scholar History

Year Name Department
2021 Abdullah F. Alrebh Sociology
2021 Jaclyn M Cwick Criminal Justice
2021 Byron DeVries Computing and Information Systems
2021 Leanne Kang Education
2020 Christopher Dondzila Liberal Arts and Sciences
2020 Huafang Li Community and Public Service
2020 Caitlin Callahan Liberal Arts and Sciences
2020 Carrie Buist Community and Public Service
2019 Katherine Corker Psychology
2019 Kyle Barnes Movement Science
2019 Beth Peterson Writing
2019 Cáel Keegan Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Liberal Studies
2018 Kimberly Mckee Liberal Studies
2018 Christopher Shaffer Anthropology
2018 Erica Hamilton Education
2017 Melissa Tallman Biomedical Sciences
2017 Danielle Lake Liberal Studies
2017 Daniel Graser Music and Dance
2017 Paul Coook Chemistry
2016 Cynthia Thompson Biomedical Sciences
2016 Christopher Kurby Psychology
2015 Donald Mitchell Leadership and Learning
2015 Ruchard Lord Chemistry
2015 Amorak Huey Writing
2015 Medar Serrata Modern Languages and Literatures