Dissemination Grant Recipients 2018-2019

Dissemination Grant Table 18-19

Last Name First Name Department Presentation Title
Adamczyk Bogdan School of Engineering Impact of the Guard Trace and Circuit Topology on Crosstalk between PCB Traces
Adams Allison Hospitality & Tourism Management Department Hurricanes and the Resilience of Caribbean Museum Attractions
Akbulut Asli Management Department Business Analytics in Supply Chain Management: A Case Study
Al-Mallah Majd Modern Languages & Literatures Department Implications of Panegyric Poetry in Andalusian Women Authos
Al-Mallah Majd Modern Languages & Literatures Department Hafsa bint al-Hajj & the Poetics of Women in Al-Andalus
Alaimo Salvatore School of Public, Nonprofit & Health Administration Using Video for Teaching and Learning
Alayont Feryal Mathematics Department Short Case Studies to Improve Student Understanding of Intricacies of Counting Problems
Aldrich Naomi Psychology Department Evaluating Associations between Parental Mind-Mindedness and Child Developmental Outcomes through Meta-Analysis
Alles Julie Allied Health Sciences How to Write an Effective Query
Alrebh Abdullah Sociology Department Neo-Wahhabi in Saudi Arabia, the Challenges and Future
Alrebh Abdullah Sociology Department Theocracy: From Wahhabism to Vilayat-e Faqih
Alsabbagh Jamal School of Computing & Information Systems Hand-on Experiments for a Database Course: Transaction Isolation Levels in SQL
Alvarez David English Department An Ambiguous Aesthetic: the Attenuation of Migrant Subjectivity in Installation Art
Alvarez David English Department Pleasure and Precarity in the Strait of Gibraltar: the beaches & harbors of Tangier & Tarifa in The 36th Parallel
Anderson Kirk Statistics Department The Difference Two Data Points Can Make
Anderson Patrick Philosophy Department Neoliberal or Neocolonial? A Black Radical Sociology of Knowledge Regarding the Current State of Theory
Anderson Patrick Philosophy Department Government Whistleblowing as Sousveillance: Scientific Journalism and the Maintenance of Democracy in a Digital Age
Anderson Peter Classics Department "Comprehensible Output, Form-focused Recasts, and the New Standards"
Anderson Rachel English Department Manipulating Memory: St. Ælfgifu of Shaftesbury's Resurrection and the Politics of Sanctity
Anderson Rachel English Department Communal Health as Spiritual Ecology in Premodern Europe
Anton Corey School of Communications Projection, Pseudo-Confirmation and the Feeling of Being Understood: The Relevance of R.D. Laing to Media Ecology
Anton Corey School of Communications Understanding 'Understanding Media'
Ardila Rene Mathematics Department Automorphism groups of Hardy algebras
Armstrong Stephanie Movement Science Department Integrating TGFU and TDFU across the PETE Curriculum

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