Research Ramp-up Questionnaire

The procedures and this questionnaire are focused on the following: state and local government guidance and recommendations; rigorous safety practices, including active utilization of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and physical distancing; a person-first approach, meaning that researchers should only return to campus/ field if they feel safe to do so; an understanding that all researchers resuming activities will need to faithfully follow university guidelines; and, any research that can be done remotely, should continue to do so.

* denotes a required field

Research Ramp-up Questionnaire - Phase 1: General Information (* required)

Type of Research: (select those that apply) *

Location of Research Activities (select those that apply) *

Location access and utilization (Specify which locations will be needed for the research activities in next space):

Research compliance - Research activities involve (check all that apply): *

Be advised that the students will need to “register” with Graduate School, or with OURS and the Faculty PI is responsible for providing a plan for appropriate physical distancing and PPE.

PPE Needed (check all that apply) *

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