Students entering the CSAL program come with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some come directly out of an undergraduate degree program. Others have been working in higher education or other areas and they realized they lacked the foundational knowledge and the credential of the masters degree. Some students were actively involved in student affairs as undergraduates and decided early on to make it a career. Others came later to a realization that working with students in colleges and universities can provide a challenging and rewarding career.

Few undergraduate students have been exposed to student development theory and come to Grand Valley with majors as diverse as zoology, English, business, political science, religious studies, sociology or teacher preparation. There is no single "right" background to prepare a student for the CSAL program. The diversity of backgrounds helps make each cohort of students interesting, unique and dynamic.

Students entering the CSAL program earned undergraduate degrees from one hundred eleven different institutions in twenty-seven states and three other countries. To see the complete list click here.

Since the first cohort of students entered the CSAL program in the fall of 1995, three hundred seventy-five students have completed the M.Ed. and have taken positions in one hundred ninety-three different institutions and over ten organizations in thirty-six states

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