National Eating Disorder Screening Day 2021

Eating Disorder

March 10, 2021

In connection with National Eating Disorders Awareness Weekour office is offering free and completely confidential eating disorder screenings to all GVSU students, faculty, & staff. It only takes ten minutes to complete a screening and find out your results. 

Let's build a movement to raise awareness and support those affected by eating disorders! 

Take an Online Screening

Contact us at (616) 331-3266 or email us:

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Want to learn more?

Join us for our Body Image Program

Wednesday, March 10th at 5pm

Streamed via Instagram LIVE @gvcounseling 

This program will explore the impact of advertising and media messages on women's body image. It explores cultural ideals and the myth of attainable perfection and how these contribute to body (and self) dissatisfaction and can lead to disordered eating attitudes and behaviors. Strategies for developing and maintaining a positive and healthy body image will be emphasized.