Make an Appointment

Your First Step

You may reach University Counseling Center staff during business hours at (616) 331-3266. You may also stop by our office on the Allendale Campus to schedule an appointment. The UCC staff member will discuss your options for seeing a counselor and help you set up your initial screening appointment. Crisis appointments are available at both locations if needed.

What to Expect During Your Initial Screening

During this short initial screening appointment, the counselor will gather additional information from you, get a clearer picture of your needs, and begin to plan with you the most appropriate course of action. At times, this could involve a referral to group therapy, individual therapy, or a community provider who may better serve your needs.

Please note, the counselor who you have for your initial screening appointment may not be the same counselor you have in counseling. However, once you begin the counseling process you will continue to see the same person.