Alex Houseknecht, M.A.

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Alex Houseknecht

Doctoral Psychology Intern
Western Michigan University (anticipated Ph.D.), The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology (M.A.), Fredonia State University (B.S)

Email: [email protected]

Approach to Therapy: My approach centers on the development of a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship with students. This includes honoring the multiple aspects of our identities, like gender, race, and sexual orientation, which have a daily impact on our experiences and perspectives. I believe in everyone’s natural ability to learn and grow, which means that I spend less time telling students what to do, and more time identifying and working through any obstacles that get in the way. In session, that work might be processing the impact of traumatic events, growing the ability to withstand overwhelming emotions, or simply collecting a few more tools to help manage the daily stress of life.

Areas of Clinical Interest:

  • Survivors of Childhood Abuse
  • Trans and Gender Diverse Students
  • Religious Trauma
  • Family of Origin Issues


  • Reading fiction and non-fiction
  • Used book sales
  • Learning new ways to brew coffee (French press rules them all!)

Fun Fact/s:

  • I can play the drums.
  • I once rode my bicycle from Seattle to Portland.

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