7 Grand Days Snapchat Challenge

January 29, 2018 - February 4, 2018

7 Days, 7 Happy Snaps: Take the 7 Grand Days Challenge!

How to participate and WIN

1) Follow us @GVSU7GrandDays on Snapchat

2) For a chance to win the daily prize, complete that day's challenge by snapping it to @GVSU7GrandDays 

3) Snap us at least 5 days throughout the week AND message us a comment on how the challenge impacted you for a chance to win the grand prize


Did you participate for class? Fill out the form:

Class Participation Form

Daily Challenges


Send us: 

Day one: January 29

What made you happy today?

Day two: January 30

What food made you happy today?

Day three: January 31

What place made you happy today? 

Day four: February 1

What did you hear today that made you happy?

Day five: February 2

What did you do today that made you happy? 

Day six: February 3

What did you see today that made you happy?

Day seven: February 4

What did you learn today that made you happy? 

Be Snap Happy

Taking a picture of something that makes you happy can help you receive the benefits of mindfulness, gratitude, and positive thinking. 

Spread the Joy

Sharing a happy picture on social media encourages other to think positively too! 

Be Happy and Healthy

Having a positive outlook enables you to cope better with stressful situations, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on your mind and body. 

* By snapchatting your photo to @GVSU7GrandDays, you grant the GVSU Peer Educators permission to use your photo during the challenge on our social media.

*Only GVSU students are eligible to win the 7GrandDays prizes. 

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