7 Grand Days Snapchat Challenge

January 28, 2019 - February 3, 2019

It's the Little Things: Take the 7 Grand Days Challenge!

How to participate and WIN

1) Follow us @GVSU7GrandDays on Snapchat

2) For a chance to win the daily prize, complete that day's challenge by snapping it to @GVSU7GrandDays 

3) Snap us at least 5 days throughout the week AND message us a comment on how the challenge impacted you for a chance to win the grand prize


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Daily Challenges


Send us: 

Day one: January 28

Crunch 'n Munch Monday: What food did you enjoy today and how did it improve your mood?

Day two: January 29

Treat Yoself Tuesday: How are you going to take time for yourself today? 

Day three: January 30

Wednesday Words: What are words you live by?

Day four: January 31

Thankful Thursday: What is something you're thankful for today and why?

Day five: February 1

Feel Good Friday: What steps have you taken to improve your well-being today?

Day six: February 2

Scenic Saturday: How are your surroundings impacting your mood?

Day seven: February 3

Simple Sunday: What's something that you've done this past week that you want to make routine?

Mindfulness Matters

Paying attention to the little things can reduce stress, set you up for success, and lead to multiple accomplishments throughout the day. 

Practice Intentionality

Little things happen fast - it's a lot of work to pay attention to them, but it's worth the extra effort! These things help us feel grounded and like we can take on the world. 

Little Things, Big Impact

By noticing and posting a photo of the little things that make you happy, you can remind and encourage others to do the same!

* By snapchatting your photo to @GVSU7GrandDays, you grant the GVSU Peer Educators permission to use your photo during the challenge on our social media.

*Only GVSU students are eligible to win the 7GrandDays prizes. 

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