Supporting Your Student Through the Conduct Process

If your student is charged with a violation of the Student Code, they will receive written notification from the Dean of Student Office regarding their responsibilities and options, dates and times of scheduled meetings, and contact information for the Conduct Coordinator assigned to their case if they have any questions.

You can help guide your student through the process and be supportive, while also holding them accountable to your expectations and the University’s.  This may also be an opportunity to identify and provide necessary interventions, such as alcohol or drug evaluations, anger management, and others, so that your student can be successful at Grand Valley.  

If your student requests a Conduct Hearing, they may choose to have an advisor accompany them.  If your student wishes to have you present during the hearing, then you can fill this role.  


A visual outline of the conduct process can be found here.

More information about advisors, student rights, and the conduct process can be found in the Student Code.

Page last modified August 10, 2017