Three Computing Faculty Retire

May 12, 2022

Three Computing Faculty Retire

After many years of service at GVSU, Dr. Jerry Scripps, Dr. Roger Ferguson, and Mr. Brad Brege have retired from teaching. The School of Computing will greatly miss their expertise, their guidance, and their dynamic classrooms. 


During his time at Grand Valley, Dr. Scripps became the first program director for the Data Science and Analytics Master’s program and was fundamental in the development and growth of the program that we see today. He was also the recipient of a Fullbright fellowship which allowed him to teach abroad in Austria; an experience he recounts as unforgettable.


Dr. Ferguson served as the coordinator for our CIS 163 course throughout his time teaching for the School of Computing. He was fundamental in keeping the course relevant, cohesive across sections, and managed it in such a way to prepare our student for success moving forward through their academic careers. He also spent one semester teaching in Austria at the same university as Dr. Scripps. 


Mr. Brege leaves behind a long-lasting legacy as the coordinator of the CIS 150 course. This course is essential for many students across disciplines, and Mr. Brege was able to make it engaging and informative during his career.


Everyone in the School of Computing will miss these gentlemen, and we wish them all the best in whatever they decide to move on to next. They were invaluable members of our school and their contributions will be remembered for years to come. 

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