Mrs. Cheryl Kautz

Cheryl Kautz

Contact Information

Office: D-2-232 MAK

E-mail Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: (616) 331-3504

Research Interests

My focus is teaching. I love to teach!

Professional Activities

Creating inclusive and accessible course content that benefits all learners and contributes to student success.

Personal Interests

I love spending time with my two daughters and sons-inlaw. Traveling the world SCUBA diving (South Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, islands in the Caribbean and Bahamas, Cabos, and Hawaii). Galapagos Islands is on my bucket list. Slalom skiing and paddle boarding on Placid Waters Lakes in Allendale. I like to go early in the morning when the water is as smooth as glass and to watch the gorgeous sunrise. Started playing Pickleball this year and go at least twice a week.

Teaching Interests

CIS 238 Internet Media and Programming

CIS 231 Problem Solving Using Spreadsheets

CIS 101 Thriving in Our Digital World

CIS 221 Excel Concepts & Applications I 

CIS 321 Excel Concepts & Applications II

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