Entry to our specialized labs require a key card. Key cards can be obtained from the School of Computing staff in the computing office located in MAK C-2-100.

There is a $25 deposit required to acquire a card, that is charged to the students account. The $25 is reimbursed if you return the card within six months of graduation.  NOTE: If this charge is not paid on time with the GV billing cycle, you will accrue late fees.  Late fees are NOT reimbursed when the card is returned. If a student does not pay for their key card in a timely fashion, their key card will be deactivated along with a students EOS account. Once the key card deposit has been paid the students EOS account will be unlocked.

Key cards are updated every semester based on a students schedule. Access is granted to specific labs based on what courses a student is registered for. Access is granted 24/7, however, GV Parking rules apply. For current GV Parking time restrictions please visit their website.

To use the cards simply pass the cards near the card readers (beige box near the labs doors; black box near the courtyard door). The doors will “click” indicating that the doors are unlocked.

Labs that are key card access only are as follows:
Exploring Operating Systems Lab – MAK A-1-105
Architecture Lab – MAK A-1-101
Data Communications Lab – MAK A-1-167
Hybrid Computing Lab – MAK D-2-233

Other computing space that is key card access include:
Two Project Rooms – MAK C-2-418 and MAK C-2-504
Network Security Lab – MAK C-2-218
Computing Research Lab – MAK C-2-217
Distributed Execution Network Lab – MAK C-2-203

Page last modified September 7, 2022