West Michigan Environmental Action Council

Recipient of the Emerging Community Engagement Initiative Award 2016

Focus Area: Business
Location: WMEAC
Community Partner: West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC)
Academic Department: Seidman College of Business

The purpose of this project is to support the social mission of WMEAC through business consulting, and to enrich students with experience in the field. 

Reciprocity and Collaborative Relationships:

  • The students learn the practical applications of their business consulting skills by engaging in the process of developing business plans. Students additionally learn about environmental advocacy. WMEAC receives free business consulting, and has the opportunity to share their perspective with students as the result of the partnership.
  • Students work as consultants and use the business model process and customer discovery to explore the viability and customer demand for 6 potential projects. A business plan is developed for the projects with the highest potential.

WMEAC Project Work

Business students

WMEAC Project Work

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