The Other Way Ministries

Focus Area: Healthcare
Location: Westside, Grand Rapids
Community Partner: The Other Way Ministries
Academic Department: Kirkhof College of Nursing

The purpose of this project is to promote understanding about the significance and implications of health promotion and disease management as it relates to underserved and vulnerable individuals.

Benefits for the students:
Through the interaction with neighbors that have dramatically unique life experiences, our students bring understanding and comprehension to a whole new level.  The exchanges, as fostered and encouraged by the neighbors, enable the students to apply and develop the classroom content in real time.

Benefits for the community:
The neighbors have the opportunity to see the face of health care in a very different light.  These young people have the ambitions to improve life by caring for others.  In this setting they are attentive listeners and a fresh resource to assist / work for improving individual situations.



Page last modified February 22, 2016