Research & Scholarship Resources

The following resources may be helpful for community-based research, scholarship, and publications.

Internal Resources

Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence. The Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence (CSCE) promotes a culture of active, engaged, and ethical scholarship through supporting innovative faculty and student research and collaborative partnerships in the broader community.

CLAS Research Clusters. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Research Clusters are collaborative teams of faculty and students from different disciplines who work together on research projects and to exchange ideas. CLAS Research Clusters bring together interested faculty with scholarly and creative interests in five areas: Borders, Brain, Health, Urban, and Water. All clusters are open to CLAS faculty as well as faculty from other GVSU colleges. Additional support in the form of grant opportunities, conference announcements, and other information is provided to these self-selected groups. Priority for funding is given to projects that include a community engagement component.

Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship. The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (OURS) is to establish comprehensive services and programs which support students in their pursuit of inquiry, creativity, scholarship, and research. OURS can support undergraduate students and their faculty mentors interested in pursuing community-based research projects.

Statistical Consulting Center. The mission of the Statistical Consulting Center is to enhance university research efforts by offering quality statistical advice to faculty and student projects, to provide interdisciplinary research or instructional/collaboration opportunities for students and faculty from all departments and to develop collaborations with West Michigan businesses through consulting projects.

GVSU Libraries. The GVSU Library system connects faculty and staff with countless resources to support community-based learning and civic engagement work, including access to internet databases, professional journals, subject-matter liaisons, and more.

Johnson Center for Philanthropy. The Johnson Center for Philanthropy (JCP) is focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the charitable sector, through conducting research, teaching effective practices, and providing pathways to service. The JCP works extensively in West Michigan and throughout the state of Michigan, nationally, and internationally. The JCP encourages a habit of civic engagement among students, staff, and faculty at GVSU.

Kutsche Office of Local History. The Kutsche Office of Local History advances the rich local history resources of West Michigan for the mutual benefit of communities in the region. Resources are available to the general public, the region's local history practitioners and custodial institutions, GVSU engaged in local history research, and GVSU students interested in the synthesis and application of historical knowledge.

External Resources

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