Joint Cultural Orientation

Focus Area: Joint Cultural Orientation Program Assessment
Location: Grand Rapids International Fellowship
Community Partner: Bethany Christian Services
Academic Department: Anthropology Department (ANT)

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the Joint Cultural Orientation programming offered by Bethany Christian Services and Samaritas and make recommendations in order to make the presentations as effective as possible.

Reciprocity and Collaborative Relationships:

  • The students benefit from this project by using their linguistic skills and personal talents to better assess the Joint Cultural Orientation programming and make recommendations accordingly. While working on the project, students are made aware of the many cultural adjustments that refugees have to make when entering the United States.
  • Bethany Christian Services benefits from this project by being able to offer cultural orientation programming to refugee families who cannot attend the in-person sessions. The assessment helps them to tailor their programming to fit the needs of the attendees.

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JCO Forum

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