Indian Trails Camp

Indian Trails Camp

Focus Area: Evaluation of Non-Profit Programs
Location: Tallmadge Township, Ottawa County
Community Partner: Indian Trails Camp
Academic Department: Social Work

The purpose of this project is to systematically determine the quality and merit of various Indian Trails Camp programs and initiatives.

Benefits for the students:
This project benefited the students by providing real-world, hands on practical experience in designing, implementing, and reporting on an external program evaluation. The students also learn about and interact with the vulnerable populations that Indian Trails Camps serves and get to see the inner workings and administration of a non-profit organization.

Benefits for the community:
The camp receives pro bono evaluation consulting and evaluation reports. The evaluation provides information that may lead to improved programs, greater program accountability, and aid in decision making. Through the evaluations and consultations, Indian Trails Camp is enhancing its evaluation capacity and ability to conduct internal evaluations of its own programs. 




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