Engaged Department Initiative

The Engaged Department Initiative (EDI) is a growing effort to formally and strategically incorporate community engagement in the curricula of participating departments. Supported by the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence, the EDI works with departments to scaffold community engagement into courses that are developmentally-appropriate for students. The Initiative, which began as a collaborative effort by Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids Community College, and Aquinas College, is now preparing for its third year of connecting Grand Valley classrooms with the community. 

Currently, the Office for Community Engagement is wrapping up the work of Cohort I. Cohort II, having completed its first semester in the Initiative, is gaining momentum as each of the three participating departments, The School of Public, Nonprofit and Health AdministrationMathematics, and Public Health, has been working to establish partnerships in preparation for further work with the community.

If you are interested in participating in the initiative or would like more information, please contact Director of Community Engagement at 616-331-2240. You may also view the logic model behind the Initiative for more information on the guiding values for the EDI. 

Cohort I

  • Geography and Sustainable Planning
    • Team Members: Elena Lioubimtseva, Jim Penn, Jeroen Wagendorp, Kin Ma
  • Anthropology
    • Team Members: Deana Weibel, Elizabeth Arnold, Russell Rhoads, Tara Hefferan, Heather Van Wormer, Michael Wroblewski
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
    • Team Members: Mike Sciarini, Patty Janes, Lisa Sisson, Gail Zemmol, Lorie Tuma

Cohort II

  • School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration
    • Team Members: Richard Jelier, Neal Buckwalter, Davia Downey, Michelle Wooddell, Quincy Williams
  • Mathematics
    • Team Members: Karen Novotny, Feryal Alayont, Esther Billings, Jiyeon Suh
  • Public Health
    • Team Members: Ranelle Brew, Katie Barnhart, Karen Niemchick

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