Community Based Learning Courses

Please use the new  GVSU Group Travel Risk Assessment tool before making plans to engage with others or have your students engage with others in a physical community setting. This form is designed to provide important guidance for off-campus travel and decisions related to physical participation in community-based learning course projects and field trips.

Step 1

Faculty member creates a sample CBL course section syllabus that meets the four CBL criteria

Step 2

Submit documents to Unit Head and College Dean for approval of course

Step 3

Approved CBL courses will be sent to the University Curriculum Committee

Step 4

CBL courses will be listed on department course offerings through the Registrar's office

In the spirit of partnership and reciprocity, faculty members from diverse disciplines have engaged their students in community projects and initiatives throughout West Michigan and beyond. By working with members of the community, students are better prepared for both careers and civic participation in a democratic society. Courses that incorporate community engagement into their work may be formally designated as Community-Based Learning (CBL) courses through the University Curriculum Committee (UCC). Community partners may include nonprofit organizations, schools, faith-based organizations, businesses, and industry.

Questions regarding CBL designation may be directed to the Director of Civic Learning and Community Engagement, Travus Burton. 

Community Based Learning (CBL) is a pedagogical strategy used in coursework that requires students to engage with community partners as part of their required academic work in a specific course section. Faculty may apply to have their course sections officially designed CBL on the Banner system (similar to SWS), allowing course sections to be identified both during registration and on student transcripts.

Current Community Based Learning course offerings can also be found through banner. You can search Self-Service Banner by using the advanced search option and then choosing Community Based Learning (CBL) from the attribute drop down menu.

Page last modified June 20, 2022