Civic Engagement Showcase

The Civic Engagement Showcase provides a lively forum for exchanging ideas and engaging in conversation with a diverse array of community partners and Grand Valley faculty, staff, and students who are actively involved in community-based projects. During the 2017 Showcase, we also announced the winners of our annual awards. For more information about the Showcase, see below. For information about the awards, please click here

Civic Engagement Showcase

The Civic Engagement Showcase provides an opportunity for the GVSU community to recognize and celebrate the work of faculty, staff, students, and community partners in developing mutually-beneficial partnerships and engaging the community in civic-minded work. In winter 2017, 56 teams—a combined total of more than 150 presenters—had approximately an hour to feature posters, videos, or other media to share their work and commitment to the larger community. To read brief summaries of each of the teams that presented, please view the event's program here

In additional to the traditional program, the event kicked off the implementation of a campus-wide Civic Action Plan, which was developed in response to President Haas' signing of the Campus Compact President's Declaration. The Declaration included five action statements that call for preparing students for civic engagement, creating partnerships and contributing to the strength and health of local communities. For more information about the new Civic Action Plan, click here



In spring of 2015 the Office for Community Engagement—in partnership with the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence, the Community Service Learning Center, the Division of Inclusion and Equity, the Robert and May Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, Universities Libraries, and the Women's Center—hosted the first ever GVSU Partnership Showcase. Today, the Showcase has expanded from focusing on partnerships to also recognizing wider forms of civic engagement. Please watch the video below to see highlights of the 2015 Partnership Showcase. For more information on the community-based projects that were presented in 2015, please see the Partnership Showcase Booklet

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