Challenge Scholars

Challenge Scholars

Focus Area: Information Literacy
Location: Westside, Grand Rapids
Community Partner: Westwood Middle School, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Grand Rapids Public Schools
Academic Department: University Libraries, College of Education

To build research skills among local sixth-graders and help develop a college-going culture at Westwood Middle School, two GVSU librarians and an Education professor have partnered to develop a series of weekly, hour-long workshops. Librarians Gayle Schaub and Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra plan and lead the workshops and Professor Susan Carson and her EDF 315 student volunteers work as mentors for the sixth-graders, helping to guide them through the activities and develop their research projects. The workshops culminate in a research project exhibition at GVSU for students, their families, and community members.  

Benefits for the students: 
The students in EDF 315 gain classroom experience working as mentors with the sixth-graders and also receive service-learning credit.

Benefits for the Community: 
The research skills workshop series helps to build critical thinking skills among the sixth-graders. By bringing GVSU students in the classroom as mentors, these workshops also assist in developing a college-going culture at Westwood Middle School.




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