Adams Park Apartments

Recipient of the Distinguished Community Engagement Initiative Award 2016

Focus Area: Health and Wellness
Location: Adams Park Apartments
Community Partner: Grand Rapids Housing Commission
Academic Department: Kirkhof College of Nursing

The purpose of this project is to support the Adams Park Community by monitoring and evaluating the blood pressure of the residents. The project also supports healthy habits through education and activities such as food bingo, and recipes for healthy meals.

Benefits for the students:
The students benefit from this project by putting nursing competencies into practice. They also learn how to communicate and interact in a sustainable way with different people.

Benefits for the community:
The Adams Park community benefits from this project by having free access to blood pressure readings and activities that support their health and wellness. The residents contribute to the project by sharing their stories and experiences with the students, as well as suggesting healthy activities that would be beneficial to them.

Students testing blood pressure

Student working with resident

Dr. Gracias speaking with residents

Distinguished Community Engagement Initiative Award

Kirkhof College of Nursing and the Grand Rapids Housing Commission partner to enhance the resident experience at the Adams Park Apartments through blood pressure monitoring and healthy activities. 

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