Faculty Information

April 26 & 27

Van Andel Arena - Downtown Grand Rapids

Q: When do I need to RSVP by?

A: RSVP by Wednesday, April 19 at 11:59 p.m.

Q: Do I need a ticket?

A: If you are processing, you only need to complete the faculty RSVP form.

In the past, students have requested extra commencement guest tickets from faculty and staff.  We are now implementing an on-line ticketing system that will allow for pooling of unused tickets that will be made available to students.  Additional tickets will no longer be issued to faculty and staff.  Students should refer to the Commencement website for ticket information:  http://www.gvsu.edu/commencement/

Q: How do I get a parking permit?

A: You will receive a parking permit if you are processing and you have completed your RSVP online. Parking permits will be sent in a return email from your RSVP as a PDF. 

Q: Where is faculty parking?

A: Parking for faculty is located on the corner of Ionia & Oakes. Click here for a map!

Q: What time does faculty need to arrive for the Commencement Ceremony?

A: Faculty should arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony in which they will be processing. 

Q: Where should we meet?

A: Faculty meet prior to the ceremony on the 2nd floor SE corner of the arena. There will be light refreshments available. 

Comic about academic regalia

For questions, contact the Office of Student Life, 616-331-2345

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