College of Education Policies, Handbooks, & Resources

This site is designed to be a resource for College of Education faculty, staff, students, alumni, and anyone looking for information about Grand Valley State University's College of Education policies, handbooks, procedures, and more. Each policy includes the responsible office, when it was last updated, and where it is located in terms of manuals and handbooks. Each page can be printed as the original PDF as needed.

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If you have any questions regarding a specific policy or manuals, please contact the appropriate office, or Student Information and Services Center (SISC).


Elementary Education

This page includes information about the Undergraduate Elementary Education program, resources for Elementary Education majors, EDI 330 and EDI 430 Handbooks, and information about Certification .

Graduate Programs

This page includes the types of Graduate Degree programs, endorsements and certifications, resources for Graduate Students, applications for Master's programs, Graduate Education polices, procedures, and regulations, and guidelines for the Master's Theses and Projects. 

Graduate Teacher Certification (GTC)

This page includes information and resources for Graduate Teacher Certification (GTC) students including certification information and the official GTC Handbook.

Secondary Education

This page includes resources for Secondary Education majors regarding the program pathways and certifcation, and also includes the EDI 331 and EDI 431 Handbooks.

Special Education

This page includes resources for Special Education majors, the EDS 332 Handbook, and the EDS 471 & 472 Handbook.

COE Staff & Faculty

COE Faculty

This page includes faculty resources, policies and practices handbooks, the Faculty Reference Guide, a LiveText Guide for faculty, and the University-wide faculty handbook.

COE Staff

This page includes resources for College of Education staff.

Policy Committee Handbook

This page includes links, manuals, and other resources available from the College of Education Policy Committee's Handbook located on Blackboard.

General Advising

Advising Students

This page includes general resources for advising students in the College of Education, as well as the Student Advising Handbook, and Undergraduate Teacher Education Student Policies.

Applying to the College of Education

This page includes all forms, applications, and advising materials for students applying for the College of Education.

Other Resources

LiveText for Students

This page includes information, FAQ, and resources for students using LiveText.

LiveText for Cooperating Mentor Teachers

This page includes information, FAQ, and resources for Cooperating Mentor Teachers using LiveText

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