COE Program Information

Undergraduate Education Majors

The GVSU College of Education offers three undergraduate majors - Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Special Education. In all of your courses, you will learn the most effective, research-based teaching methods to help you meet the unique needs of each of your students.

Elementary Education

This program will prepare you to teach all subject areas in grades K-5. In addition, you will be prepared to teach in a subject areas of your choice in grades K-8.

Secondary Education

This program will prepare you to teach in grades 6-12 in the subject areas you select.

Special Education

This program will prepare you to teach: 

  • All subjects, grades K-5
  • Special education in grades K-12
  • Special education programs for adults with disabilities up to age 26

Field Placement Criteria

If you are considering declaring a major in education, make sure you can meet the requirements necessary to receive a placement for teacher assisting and student teaching.