College of Education Recommendation Form

To apply for Teacher Assisting at Grand Valley State University, all students must receive a recommendation from an unrelated individual who can address their ability as a prospective teacher. You may use the following recommendation form, or supply a letter of recommendation to the student.


  • Recommendations must be from an unrelated individual who can address the student's ability as a prospective teacher.
  • Recommendations for Special Education students from an unrelated individual should specifically address the student’s ability to work with Special Education students.
  • A copy of the form responses will be emailed to the College of Education.
  • You cannot save progress on this form: you are encouraged to first write out longer responses in Word or a Google document, then paste them into the form.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact the College of Education via email at or by phone at (616) 331-6650.

* denotes a required field

Student's Information


Recommender's Contact Information


By initialing below, I confirm that I recommend the student identified on this form. If there are questions, the College of Education is welcome to contact me through the email address and/or phone number I included above.

Page last modified September 14, 2020