MTTC and SAT Test Information

Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC)

Students who plan to earn a Michigan teaching certificate must take and pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in their major, minor, and endorsement(s), if applicable. This ensures each certified teacher has the necessary professional readiness and content knowledge to serve in Michigan schools. Official Results must be sent directly to GVSU (test code 12). 

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For Testing Accommodations, review the requirements needed with your Disability Support Resources advisor,

SAT Test

All students who plan to earn a Michigan teaching certificate must take and pass the SAT test (as administered on March 2, 2016 or later). In order to meet the requirement for teacher certification, the SAT has two sections that must be passed at or above the career- and college-readiness (CCR) benchmark as shown below:

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing = Score 480 or higher.
  • Mathematics =  Score 530 or higher.

Both individual sections of the SAT must be passed at or above these score values; there is no CCR benchmark made on the SAT Composite, or overall, score scale.

Students should direct SAT to send their official scores to Grand Valley State University (Institution code: 1258) and Michigan Department of Education Teacher Certification (Institution code: 6962).


Study Guides and Resources

  • CLAS Advising Center's MTTC Content Area Test information
  • MTTC Flash Cards (available for each subject)
  • MoMetrix eLibrary (online access to study guides available through the GVSU Library)
    Click on Teaching, then scroll down and select the MTTC test(s) you are interested in. You may need to log-in through the Library in order to access this database.
  • Disability Support Resources:

Reducing Test Anxiety

If you suffer from test anxiety please read this PDF guide, Dealing with Test Anxiety, to identify and cope with stress.


Alternatives to the SAT

Students may use scores from the ACT, MME (Michigan Merit Exam), or PRE (Professional Readiness Exam) in lieu of the SAT.  Score requirements are listed in the table to the right (or below if viewing on a mobile device). These alternatives are only valid if they were taken on or before September 23, 2017.

A combination of sub-scores on the multiple tests (PRE, ACT, and/or MME) will satisfy the requirement.  If you believe you are eligible to use your ACT, MME, or PRE scores in lieu of the SAT, contact the College of Education at 616-331-6650,, or stop by 401 C DeVos.


  • ACT scores are valid for tests taken from January 1989 to September 23, 2017
  • ACT Writing score is determined from an ACT Combined English/Writing score
  • MME scores are valid for tests taken from January 2007 through January 2015

Alternative Pass Scores (must have been taken before 10/1/2017)




ACT Reading: 22

MME Reading: 1108

PRE Reading: 220

ACT Mathematics: 22

MME Mathematics: 1116

PRE Math: 220

ACT English & Writing: 22

MME Writing: 1129

PRE Writing: 220

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